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I don’t want to beat around the bush, if you’re here for copier purchase or lease pricing just click the button below to fill out a quote form for a free quote. You’ll get a quote for a couple of different options based on your criteria.


Shopping for a copier price or lease rate and copier service in Houston? Get a quick copier quote from me, I know copiers better than any sales rep in Houston. Skelton Business Equipment has been a trusted service provider since 1979. I’ve been with Skelton since 2004. Have you ever come across someone and just say “Damn, that guy/gal is good at their job.”? That’s me.

Where does our business come from?

Most customers are repeat business since Skelton offers such excellent service. Customers don’t have a reason to shop since they get a great price for a copier lease or purchase, and great maintenance coverage. I also deliver and install copiers for free in Houston, including printing and scanning setup.

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The beginning

In July 2004 Collin began working at Skelton Business Equipment in Tomball, TX. His original position was to facilitate the needs of anyone in the office. Delivering copiers and fax machines, stocking parts and supplies, accepting deliveries, etc., were all part of his job description. He excelled in this position.

Movin’ On Up

Within a few years he taught himself the IT related side of the copier business. Installing print drivers, setting up network scanning and troubleshooting connectivity issues were all part of his daily routine. Before long he was responsible for nearly every machine delivery and network installation, all while juggling a list of networking related service calls. He excelled in this position.

Current Role

With the departure of a few sales representatives in 2011, Collin moved into a hybrid Sales/IT position where he remains to this day. Customers can expect the highest level of after-the-sale service from him since he knows the specifications of all Sharp office equipment, and how to connect them properly to a customer’s network. Although he is part of a 4 man team that clears well over $1,500,000 in sales every year, offering quality over quantity is of utmost importance to Collin.  He also specializes in reducing overall print costs by running a “print audit” on a network to capture printing data, then using that data to reduce customer’s printing related costs. He excels in this hybrid position.

Major Account Acquisition

In July of 2016 Collin and Skelton Business Equipment, with the help of Sharp electronics, were awarded the copier contract for the University of Houston! At the beginning of the contract Collin was tasked with replacing over 70 Xerox copiers in one month. He and the folks at Skelton Business Equipment knocked this task out of the park. The University of Houston has over 350 copiers on their main campus, and several copiers at satellite offices.

Your Plan of Action:

Contact Collin today to begin a fruitful business relationship. Feel free to ask troubleshooting questions, or request a quote for a copier purchase or lease.