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Houston, TX has more than 100,000 small businesses. Take a moment to think about that. That’s a ton of entrepreneurial spirit for one city! I would consider the company I work for, Skelton Business Equipment, to be a small business. Even though we have nearly 30 employees and cover the entire greater Houston area, we’re still one of the little guys as far as the consensus is concerned. Therefore I am one of you, and I treat my peers with respect. It really irks me to see small businesses getting ripped off by larger corporations, but it happens all day long every day.

It doesn’t have to be that way with your copiers. 

I’m making a pledge… if you tell me what make/model copier you have I will send you a free quote for an equivalent machine along with what you’d pay for a maintenance contract. Do not tell me what you paid for a copier purchase price or what you pay monthly for a MFP lease…just wait to see what comes back when I reply to your email. Some companies got a great deal on their copiers, others got raked through the coals. I’ll give you concrete numbers so you can make that comparison yourself.

I’ve been able to save a ton of businesses money with each deal that I write. I’m in your corner. I want you to have a great machine that suits your office’s needs at a great price.

To quote Mattress Mac, “We’ll save you money!” Here is a list of freebies that you get with Skelton Business Equipment.

For those of you who say “money isn’t everything,” I have an answer for that as well. Skelton has the best copier service call turnaround time in Houston. I know, I know…every copier company says that, but it’s true in our case. Skelton has 4 times as many technicians as sales reps. We can back up our claim of “4 hours or less” with information pulled directly from our service dispatch software. It is a verifiable fact that we are out to service your copier within 4 hours.

Want references of character and performance? Ask, I will provide.

If you feel compelled to send business my way I will compensate you for it.

Great business relationships are a two way street and I uphold my end of the relationship after the sale unlike a lot of sales reps who seem to go through a revolving door at other copier dealerships. I have been at Skelton for over 10 years!!

Get in touch with me today, even if it’s to start a conversation to replace a machine a year down the road. It’s easy to keep in touch with me, I’m an avid social media user. Contact me! 

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