Sharp MX-3070N | MX-3570N | MX-4070N Introduction

Sharp has introduced their new medium volume full-color printing systems, the Sharp MX-3070N, MX-3570N, and MX-4070N. Following tradition with the speeds as the first two digits of the model numbers, they are 30 pages per minute, 35ppm, and 40ppm. To request a price quote for purchase or lease, fill out the quote request formSharp MX-3070N MX-3570N MX-4070N

They’ve packed a lot a new features into these machines that have never been seen in the copier industry. If you’re searching for state of the art office equipment look no further. These are the top-rated, most reliable multi-functional printers you’ll find on the market, period.

New Stuff!

Everyone likes nifty features that make their lives simpler. This series, called the Phoenix, has lots of them.

The first one I’ll discuss is unique to this new line of Sharps. There is a sensor on the front of the machine that senses movement and wakes up from it’s sleep mode to begin working with you. It can be programmed to “look” a certain distance to avoid unwanted wake-ups. After Phoenix knows you’re there, it only takes 10 SECONDS to warm up. This warm up time is the fastest in the business.Sharp MX-3070N MX-3570N MX-4070N sensor

Secondly, Sharp has drastically increased the number of powerful scanning functions that are embedded into the machine. I think these functions were built in so that users would quit using Sharpdesk since they haven’t updated it in a while.

The MX-3070N, MX-3570N, MX-4070N can OCR documents in the form of searchable PDFs, Microsoft Word docs, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations. These features were previously only available through software that processed the optical character recognition. The new quad-core processor that Phoenix has can handle it internally. This is a huge leap forward in terms of consistency. Since users do not have to rely on software to receive, route, and process these scans it will increase your productivity and uptime.

Scanning compression has been an issue with Sharps and users that scan to their email. Emails have size limits, and often a large color scan job pegs this limit. With standard enhanced scanning compression this issue becomes a thing of the past.

Additionally, The MX-3070N, MX-3570N, MX-4070N can print PDFs, images, and Microsoft Office files directly from the USB port on the front of the machine. Don’t have your computer with you? No problem. Just insert your USB storage device and print your documents from the 10.1 inch touch screen display. Sharp MX-3070N MX-3570N MX-4070N USB port

While on the subject of powerful scanning features, the duplexing document feeder is another excellent productivity booster. It has two scanner heads in it, and it scans both sides of a 2-sided original in one pass without flipping the paper around. It can scan up to 200 images per minute. That is absolutely nuts for a 30-40ppm machine! The dual-head scanner was an additional cost on the previous series machines. It’s now a standard feature that sets Sharp apart from the competition. This should cut down on your face time with the copier. Even though it’s pretty we know you don’t want to stand in front of your copier all day.


Sharp has always been ahead of the curve with document security. The MX-3070N, MX-3570N, MX-4070N are no exception. Built in data security kits boast 256-bit encryption with up to 10 times overwrite! 10 times! Previously the max was 7 times overwrite. There’s a reason they use Sharps in the Pentagon.

We are frequently asked what we do with hard drives at the end of a lease term. Sharp has developed an “end-of-lease” feature that wipes out all customer data from the machine. The scanning address book, network settings, stored documents, and other residual information is all removed from the system when we activate the end-of-lease protocol. This feature coupled with the data overwriting ensures that none of you or your customers’ data is ever leaving your office, at lease not along with your old copier.


The touch screen can easily be altered to customize the buttons to your workflow. Drag and drop to create your custom menu, or I can do it for you when we deliver it. It’s so easy.Sharp MX-3070 Drag and Drop Touch Screen Customization

The toner cartridges lock into place until they are empty. This saves your copier dealer money from people throwing away toners before they are empty, and it saves you from making a mess and getting toner all over your copy room. It’s a win-win situation.


These are just a few of the features that make this machine a fantastic upgrade for any office. To get a free quote on this machine simply fill out my quote request form and mention the model you’d like pricing on.

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