Sharp MX6500N | MX7500N Polaris Pro

Sharp Polaris Pro is the MX6500N and MX7500N. They are the top of the line from Sharp electronics, and they can bring your expensive outsourced printing into your office. Save time, money, and have better control over your sensitive documents.Sharp MX6500N MX7500N Polaris Pro

Polaris Pro – King of the Castle

Allow me to use 2 words to describe the Polaris Pro: mac daddy. It has over a dozen customization options for paper sources and finishing options – and everything in between. It can print 80 page full-bleed, edge to edge booklets with the standard MX-FN22 saddle stitch finisher, and up to 120 sheet booklets with the Plockmatic Booklet finisher. The brochure you see me thumbing through below was printed on a Sharp MX-6500N with the MX-FN22 finisher and MX-TM10 trimming unit. Notice how there is no margin to be found. The footprint of the machine with the “minimal” booklet printing configuration is only 7 feet long – small enough to fit in any production environment. It is much shorter in length than other manufacturer’s full-bleed capable printers.Sharp MX6500N MX7500N Full Bleed Booklet Example

$ Money Saver $

Although it has a higher price tag than it’s little brother, the MX-6240N / MX-7040N, it has a few cadences that help you save more money over the life of the machine to justify the price difference.

For one, the toner and supplies last a lot longer. The toners each yield 60,000 pages. This is 33% more than the MX-6240N. The PM cycle is over 300,000 pages. You’ll experience downtime a lot less often.

Secondly, the Polaris Pro can print edge to edge on 11 x 17 rather than printing on 12 x 18 to later be trimmed. 11 x 17 paper costs on average 30-40% less than 12 x 18. This could save you thousands over the life of the machine depending on your print volume of course.

Third, you don’t have to pay your neighborhood print shop a mortgage payment to make your product brochures. With a little training you can easily make them in your own workroom.

Since the life span of the MX6500N, MX7500N is 9,000,000 pages, you can rest assured it will last you an entire lease term. The longer the term you have, the lower the monthly payments are. Even though it’s more money in the long run, if keeping your monthly expenses down is your goal, then this is a great option. I offer up to 63 month lease terms.Sharp MX6500N MX7500N Polaris Pro with Saddle Stitch Booklet Finisher

Check out Skelton’s review of the Polaris Pro for more detail on what it is capable of, and how to justify putting one in your office. Request a quote from the page linked above, or from right here. Don’t forget that I pay a handsome referral fee, so if you know any offices that could benefit from printing their own marketing materials, send them my way! A few markets that the Sharp MX6500N, MX7500N are particularly useful to are as follows:

  • High end real estate development companies – constantly printing catalogs of floor plans and designs
  • Churches – printing weekly or monthly bulletins with professional style
  • Manufacturers and distributors – print catalogs of their products to give to their customers
  • Financial investors – printing internal marketing packets for potential clients
  • Franchises – restaurants printing menus and other marketing materials

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